Friday, 1 July 2011

My name is Vicki..and I have a jug habit!!

I think I have a jug habit!  These are some (but not all) of my latest purchases:

Not only all jugs, but all a very similar shade of yellow; although all different makers and designs.  My utility china habit continues.  As does my fondness for old tins:

Whoops, don't know why that came out sideways! 
Mini Quality Street tins.

It is a busy few weeks here fair-wise.  I was at the Hertfordshire Vintage Fair at Watford last week.  As usual, I took terrible pictures of my stall:

This Sunday, I will be in Hatton Park, near Warwick for the Blighty Boutique Vintage and Handmade Fair (see flyer on my sidebar); and then the following week at the Olney Vintage Fair (flyer also on sidebar).  I am really looking forward to attending them; so must go now and get on with sorting out stock.