Monday, 28 February 2011

Signs of Spring?

Winter this year seems to have dragged on for ever.  I usually love winter, but I must be getting old, because this one seems so grey and miserable.  So I was pleased to see these lovely snowdrops peeping out from under a hedge on my dog walk the other day.

As I have several vintage fairs coming up soon; I've been busy looking out for stock; so in between dog walks I found these:

A blotting pad with a pretty cottage print on the front.

Another rose print, a pretty china trio and stripey jug.

Lots of vintage knitting patterns, incluidng several for fantastic hats!

Plus more buttons.  I do love buttons, and can't resist pretty ones.  These are a small selection and I must sort them out properly as they are currently trying to take over the house!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Another vintage fair and another year older!

My glamourous assistant and I went to the Originate Creative Craft and Vintage Fair on Saturday; where we met up with Linda from TabbyRoo.  Glamourous assistant wanted to take home Linda's lovely dog on wheels, Reg, who was waiting patiently at her stall for a new home; but I was worried that our Labrador might fancy chewing him!  Even at 7, she still likes to chew inappropriate items (the dog that is, not my daughter).

Here is the stall.  I am trying to work on improving the layout,  but it doesn't come naturally to me, and usually ends up looking like a bric-a-brac stall after a church Christmas bazaar!  Still, practise makes perfect:

Also this week, I got another year older, and my kind daughters made me a lovely chocolate birthday cake.  It's taken several days to eat it, and was scrummy:

Sadly, I am not 19, but one of the correct numbered candles couldn't be found!

Finally, a couple of new finds this week:

Pretty china plate with pastel coloured pansies
Brixham china jug

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Vintage stock buying panic!

I am attending a vintage fair on Saturday (the Originate Creative Craft and Vintage Fayre in Flitwick, Bedfordshire).  As I did well with sales at my last fair; I am now worried that I don't have enough stock for another fair so soon; so I have been out and about again, looking for more treasures.  To be honest, the amount of stock there is lying about this house; I probably could do several fairs without buying another thing!  That doesn't stop me though, so here are a few things I found:

Not a good photo (as usual); but it's a lovely Vernon Ward print in a pretty painted wooden frame.

Various pieces of hand painted china; an old tea caddy tin and a glass dressing table dish.  Hopefully more to follow before Saturday.  Oh, and my beautiful assistant will be asssiting me, dressed in her outfit from the bowling alley party!

Monday, 7 February 2011

My Vintage Girl

Yesterday, two friends had a joint party at the wonderful All Star Bowling Lanes in Whiteley's Bayswater.  It's a fantastic 1950's style bowling alley, bar and diner; and my baby (11 this week), decided to dress for the occasion:

This is her modelling her outfit before we went.  I think she may be attending some vintage fairs as my lovely assistant!  He older sister (aged 13) doesn't do dressing up - or vintage.  I still have some work to do there! 

Friday, 4 February 2011

A Fantastic Vintage Fair

This is a very blurry picture of my stall at the Vintage Fashion and Accessories Fair I attended on Sunday.  I am intending to do more fairs this year; and was very pleased with my sales at the very busy fair.  Next time I must work on my photography!

Unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to upload any more pictures at the moment; which is a shame as some are actually in focus!

I shall try again later..

Sometime later...

Well I managed one more picture.  This is a china dressing table set I bought recently.  The round dish in the centre with the hole in the lid puzzled me.  I couldn't think what it could be for.  Internet searches have suggested it is a hair receiver or hair tidy.  Supposidly Victorian and Edwardian ladies with long hair would collect it from their hairbrushes and combs; and save it in a hair receiver.  When they had enough, they would use it to stuff pin cushions or even small pillows!  Apparently the oil in their hair lubricated pins in the pin cushions.  What a wasteful person I am that my hair just goes down the plughole or in the bin.  Although, we do brush the dog outside in the spring, so that birds can use her fur in their nests!  I wonder if labrador hair pin cushions would be a big seller??