Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Pretty as a picture

I love old postcards - particularly the ones that are hand-tinted and feature glamourous ladies or cherubic children. These are a couple I bought recently; I think they are gorgeous and far nicer than the sort of greeting cards we send today.
I often wonder about modern items we have now; and whether they will make nice vintage things in the future. I don't really think so; in fact, I'd be suprised if very much of it actually survives as we are such a throw-away society these days. Oh dear - turning into a grumpy old woman here! Must go and eat some of hubby's birthday cake and cheer myself up.

Monday, 25 October 2010

All the fun of the fair!

I had a wonderful day at the Northampton Vintage and Home Made Fair on Saturday. It was fantastically organised and run by Debbie and Ann and very well attended. I didn't get chance to get round all the stalls; as - typically - I got lost in Northampton on the way there and then spent all my time setting up before the start. I think I was the last one left packing away too; sorry to all those lovely people who I'm sure really wanted to get home! I think it was a case of taking too much stuff.

Please excuse very poor photography below (I didn't have my photographic assistants with me!)

And when I got home, younger daughter was particularly pleased that I hadn't sold the fuzzy felt. Here is (a badly taken) picture of her modelling a design!

Many thanks again to everyone involved in running the fair; it was great and I hope that I will be able to return in future!

Friday, 15 October 2010

A busy week...

This week began with a road trip. Hubby and I toured round some areas where were may end up moving to. Although it's early days yet and our house is not even ready to go on the market; there is only so much you can see on the internet, and we wanted to get a better idea of a few different areas.

We stopped here for tea and cake (priorities!!). Pity this wasn't for sale; as I could fancy living here:

It's Sibsey Trader Mill, operated by English Heritage. They still grind flour, have a little plant shop and serve lovely tea and cake!

We saw several nice places; and I found a house clearance shop that I wouldn't mind living in. I have never seen so much stuff. There was room after room of things; from lovely antiques, down to absolute junk. I think you could be in there for weeks and not see half of it.

After a poor run of car boot sales over the last few weeks; I have finally had a bit of success at my local one; and some good charity shop finds. Somehow, pink and blue seems to be a bit of a theme:

There is very little time now for me to sort out what I am taking to the Northampton Vintage and Home Made Fair on 23 October. I'm very excited about it; but worried my little car is too small to bring everything I'd like. Some pruning is required!! To me, deciding what stock to bring is the hardest part - I hope I make the right choices.

Finally, on our dog walks this week, we have been to a local walled garden; which still has beautiful flowers, even in mid-October. Perhaps I am showing my useless gardening skills; but our garden has very little left in flower now. I wish it looked more like this:

Still, at least I have lots of flowery china.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Autumn breezes, coughs and sneezes..

It's the time of year for the first round of colds in this house. Lately, lots of coughing and spluttering has been going on; but no success at charity shops - and all our local car boots were cancelled last weekend in the rain - the wimps!! I'm hoping for better luck this weekend.

In the absence of any pictures of vintage finds; here are a couple of views of the autumn colour on a recent dog walk:

As we were leaving the park; I took a photo of one of my favourite local houses. This cottage is in the park (well the car park really); and has the most beautiful cottage garden. It sold recently, but we couldn't stretch to the £750,000 they wanted for it!! I am still on the look out for something a little more affordable.