Wednesday, 22 September 2010

A lack of vintage finds

Isn't it disappointing, when you visit your favourite haunts, looking for lovely vintage things; and find little or nothing? My usual good car boots have been poor recently - maybe because the end of the season is fast approaching (what will I do with myself 'till Easter?); but my good charity shops have had very few lovelies either! I think I'll have to look further afield.

Talking of fields; out on our dog walks over the last few days; the girls and I have been practising our photography. Above are some of our best efforts, together with my few recent finds..


  1. I know that feeling, the boot sales really seem to have run out of exciting finds and the charity shops are empty of anything remotely vintage.The little picture you found is sweet though.
    Ann x

  2. Thank you! The picture is from about the one remaining charity shop round here that has some good stuff. It seems that prices have gone up rather a lot too. Yesterday, another local shop had a collection of glass jelly moulds. I was keen, until I saw they were £10 each!! New hunting grounds are required...