Monday, 25 October 2010

All the fun of the fair!

I had a wonderful day at the Northampton Vintage and Home Made Fair on Saturday. It was fantastically organised and run by Debbie and Ann and very well attended. I didn't get chance to get round all the stalls; as - typically - I got lost in Northampton on the way there and then spent all my time setting up before the start. I think I was the last one left packing away too; sorry to all those lovely people who I'm sure really wanted to get home! I think it was a case of taking too much stuff.

Please excuse very poor photography below (I didn't have my photographic assistants with me!)

And when I got home, younger daughter was particularly pleased that I hadn't sold the fuzzy felt. Here is (a badly taken) picture of her modelling a design!

Many thanks again to everyone involved in running the fair; it was great and I hope that I will be able to return in future!


  1. It was a lovely afternoon wasn't it? I wandered round quickly a couple of times but didn't place all the bloggers so I'm glad I know who you are now ... you had a lovely neighbour in Sharon. I think I hold the record for lateness though ;-) Was it your daughter who bought all my lavender hearts? Hope to see you at the next one.

  2. Hiya, I didn't really get the chance to wonder round at all; but what I did see from behind my stall was great! It wasn't my daughter who bought your lavender hearts; I expect she would have loved to, but my car is too small to take passengers when it's full of vintage things! Sometimes, I struggle to get in myself. Hope to catch up with you next time.

  3. Hi Vicki, i hope you found your way to the M1 ok after hubbys directions, i love the lace apron and it has pride in my craft room thank you, hope to see you in the spring at the next one
    Carol x

  4. Hi Carol, I found my way back fine thanks; please thank your hubby for his directions. I'm glad you like the apron; your lavender chickens have been very popular here. Looking forward to a spring fair - hope to see you then.

  5. Hi Vicki

    Glad you enjoyed yourself and that all the travelling was worthwhile for you.
    I think we all take far too much stuff to our fairs but you never know what someone is going to buy so you take it JUST IN CASE..
    See you in the Spring.