Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A day of mixed fortunes...

Yesterday started out well.  On taking a couple more bags to the charity shop from our house clearing efforts; I thought it was going to be my lucky day, when I saw this lovely pink utility tureen on the shelf:

(Pictured here with a large Jasmine Woodsware jug found on an earlier trip).  I don't often find pink utility around here; so it had to come home with me, despite the need to clear out!

Then sadly, while madly clearing up for the estate agent to come and take pictures; I discovered we had had unwelcome visitors to our sheds overnight.  Bess, our black labrador, is clearly not a guard dog!!  So now hubby is a number of power tools lighter and both sheds needs repairing.  However, not all bad news, as it appears that the burglars had no taste and hence left all my vintage stock untouched.  Thank goodness for that!  Definitely time to move I think.


  1. What a nightmare, at least they left your things alone. love the pink tureen , I have never seen one like it. Pink and yellow are my favourites but definitely the hardest to find.
    Ann x

  2. Yes, I'm glad they left my stuff; or I'd have had nothing for my stall at Northampton! I find the pink stuff very hard to come by; but I've picked up quite a lot of yellow at various times. I wonder if each of the colours are more popular in different areas?

  3. I love the candy colours of utility china x