Thursday, 9 February 2012

New Year, same old me!!

I don't know what happened to January.  Oh wait, yes I do - hubby's tax and VAT returns, that is what happened!  Note to self - when moving house; try and pack all business related paperwork together.  I think I spent days trying to track down odd bits of paper, invoices and receipts.

Never mind, all done now; so in the spirit of keeping at least one of my resolutions this year; I am trying to be a better blogger; from now on!  Sadly, photography no better yet.

A few days ago, it was lovely and spring-like in this part of the world:

This was the scene a few days ago on our dog walk around the village.

It was evem sunny enough to take a few pictures of some of my latest purchases:

Utility china again

Pretty white and gold cups and saucers

Then the snow came:

Our front garden

Trees and Eeyore's house at the local woods

It's melting now, but more is forecast.  Hopefully it won't prevent me from getting out to hunt for more vintage treasures, as I have a few fairs coming up.


  1. Hi V,
    Will miss you tomorrow, looking forward to seeing you in March.
    T & A

    1. Hiya,

      Sorry not to be there. I might have struggled to get to you, it's -14 here this morning! Hope all goes well. Looking forward to Northampton.