Thursday, 26 April 2012

Not Vintage Spring Weather!

We've had such terrible weather lately.  The first whiff of a hosepipe ban, and we get torrential downpours.  So much so, that car boots here have been out of the question, and very little vintage shopping has gone on.  Well, apart from the odd jug of course:

Johnson Brothers green jug; from the '50's I'm guessing.  Sorry about poor photo; all this rain has made taking pictures difficult too.

We have been to a couple of fantastic places though.  I wish my camera skills were better though, as  did not do justce to the wonderful Wilton's Music Hall in London.  If you want faded, peeling but beautiful Georgian and Victorian buildings; you should go:

We had a really interesting tour; and it is still a working bar and theatre too; definitely worth a visit if you are around the St Katherine's Dock area.

Last week we went to the Black Country Living Museum; which is also a fantastic place; but I'll have to wait for my photography expert to download her pictures; as I didn't get many myself.  Too busy in the sweetshop buying fudge and the 1930's fish and chip shop!

Anyway, off to check out the charity shops....

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