Friday, 19 August 2011


I love shabby things.  I think scratches, dents, tears, rust and holes can add to an item, rather than detract from it.  Whether it is lovely painted shabby chic:

Magazine rack

Spice shelf

Display shelf for miniture treasures

Jewellery box
(All courtesy of my clever sister-in-law again, thank you!)

Or, tatty, shabby,printed things:

These are various bits of sewing ephemera.  I particularly like the Wool and Nylon mending thread in Clerical grey!  I have visions of an aged priest darning his socks.  (Wasn't that Father Mackenzie in "Eleanor Rigby"; maybe clerical grey thread was Lennon and McCartney's inspiration!)

Some of the printing would not have even been seen until most of the product had been used; like this symbol for Northern Ireland where this carpet thread was made.

As for old adverts; well they are a whole lot better than today's offerings I think.

Anyway, off now to carry on sorting out my stock for the Cotswolds Vintage Fair on 27th.  Can't wait!


  1. Hi, it was good to see you yesterday, sorry didn't get to chat, I suppose we have to work sometimes! Linda xx

  2. Hi Linda, it was lovely to see you too. We'll have to catch up next time; but it was good to be so busy. I have never seen such a busy fair!