Monday, 15 August 2011

Summer Days Out

No summer holiday for us this year (we may actually get to move house at some point, but at this rate it'll be next summer!).  We have managed a few days out though, to some lovely places:

First, we went to Hever Castle in Kent with some friends.

It's a proper castle with a moat and drawbridge; but on a more human scale and inside feels much more  cosy - like a stately home rather than a castle.  We met Henry 8th there (it was Anne Boleyn's childhood home), and watched some rather scary jousting!  The grounds are beautiful, including a huge boating lake and very popular water maze - not popular with me though as I messed up and got wet!

Then hubby took us to a local vintage steam and country fair.  To be honest, I like the idea of vintage more than steam; but it was a good day out.  Eldest daughter met her namesake - a steamroller:

And at the vintage car section; I saw a couple of cars I would my little Skoda for:

Not sure what either of them are; but I like them!

Then I saw a car from my childhood - this ones for you Dad:

It is even in it's traditional pose - stationary with it's bonnet up!  Ah, the smell of overheated engines and the vinyl seats that gave you 3rd degree burns in the summer.  Memories....

Then last week, eldest daughter decided to celebrate her birthday with a day in London.  We went to the Tate Modern at her request.  Couldn't take any photos in there; so instead, a few outdoor pictures of an August day in London - rioters not included:

St Paul's Cathedral and the (no longer wobbly) Millenium Bridge - not actually destroyed as seen in Harry Potter!

A grey view of the river Thames and Tower Bridge.

St Paul's from an odd angle.

City of London skyline, including the lovely gherkin building!
It looks like the middle of winter in these pictures; but is the middle of August.  I hope the summer weather is better for the Olympics next year....  Today is actually beautiful at the moment, so I should stop complaining and get out there to enjoy it!!

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