Friday, 4 February 2011

A Fantastic Vintage Fair

This is a very blurry picture of my stall at the Vintage Fashion and Accessories Fair I attended on Sunday.  I am intending to do more fairs this year; and was very pleased with my sales at the very busy fair.  Next time I must work on my photography!

Unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to upload any more pictures at the moment; which is a shame as some are actually in focus!

I shall try again later..

Sometime later...

Well I managed one more picture.  This is a china dressing table set I bought recently.  The round dish in the centre with the hole in the lid puzzled me.  I couldn't think what it could be for.  Internet searches have suggested it is a hair receiver or hair tidy.  Supposidly Victorian and Edwardian ladies with long hair would collect it from their hairbrushes and combs; and save it in a hair receiver.  When they had enough, they would use it to stuff pin cushions or even small pillows!  Apparently the oil in their hair lubricated pins in the pin cushions.  What a wasteful person I am that my hair just goes down the plughole or in the bin.  Although, we do brush the dog outside in the spring, so that birds can use her fur in their nests!  I wonder if labrador hair pin cushions would be a big seller??


  1. Hi Vicki!
    Il tuo blog è meraviglioso....le vecchie cose che hai nei post sono set di porcellana con le rose è un sogno!!! Un caro saluto, *Maristella*.

  2. Sounds like you did well at the fair, I have seen these pots before too and wasn't sure what they were for. I must say I would never have guessed, I thought they were for long hair pins.
    Ann x

  3. Hi Maristella, Thank you very much for your comment - your blog is gorgeous, so many beautiful things!

  4. Hi Ann, Yes those pots are strange and I think that explanation of them is a bit creepy - long hair pins would be a better idea!