Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Another vintage fair and another year older!

My glamourous assistant and I went to the Originate Creative Craft and Vintage Fair on Saturday; where we met up with Linda from TabbyRoo.  Glamourous assistant wanted to take home Linda's lovely dog on wheels, Reg, who was waiting patiently at her stall for a new home; but I was worried that our Labrador might fancy chewing him!  Even at 7, she still likes to chew inappropriate items (the dog that is, not my daughter).

Here is the stall.  I am trying to work on improving the layout,  but it doesn't come naturally to me, and usually ends up looking like a bric-a-brac stall after a church Christmas bazaar!  Still, practise makes perfect:

Also this week, I got another year older, and my kind daughters made me a lovely chocolate birthday cake.  It's taken several days to eat it, and was scrummy:

Sadly, I am not 19, but one of the correct numbered candles couldn't be found!

Finally, a couple of new finds this week:

Pretty china plate with pastel coloured pansies
Brixham china jug


  1. Reg is still at home with us,at the moment he's still in the living room, can't face putting him in the cellar with the other stuff!Linda x

  2. Ahh,I'll tell my daughter; she'll be glad to know that!

  3. Hi Vicki, i think you stall looks nice, are you going to be at St Matthews again next month, hope to see you there and a belated happy birthday Carol xx

  4. Hi Carol, Thank you! I will be at St Matthews again next month - see you there!