Monday, 28 February 2011

Signs of Spring?

Winter this year seems to have dragged on for ever.  I usually love winter, but I must be getting old, because this one seems so grey and miserable.  So I was pleased to see these lovely snowdrops peeping out from under a hedge on my dog walk the other day.

As I have several vintage fairs coming up soon; I've been busy looking out for stock; so in between dog walks I found these:

A blotting pad with a pretty cottage print on the front.

Another rose print, a pretty china trio and stripey jug.

Lots of vintage knitting patterns, incluidng several for fantastic hats!

Plus more buttons.  I do love buttons, and can't resist pretty ones.  These are a small selection and I must sort them out properly as they are currently trying to take over the house!


  1. I agree with you about winter, I think we've all had enough now and deserve a bit of sunshine. Lovely finds, the hat patterns are unique to say the least! Linda x

  2. Yes, I wish I could knit; I could try them out and model them at a fair!! I'm sure they'd be a big seller!

  3. I can teach you to knit, Vicki!! It's Rhiannon BTW!

  4. Hi Rhiannon, You could try, but I think I am an impossible student!